I have worked as the head mechanic for Curtis and Sons Construction in Gardnerville, Nevada for the past 4 years. We have many diesel and gas vehicles that require maintenance and repairs that cannot be performed at our shop. We have always taken our work to Standard Diesel.  They have always over-achieved when it comes to the guaranteed work that they advertise. Standard Diesel has all of the equipment and knowledge to produce fantastic work whether on gas or diesels.  Standard Diesel doesn’t just do engine work, they perform work on many areas of our vehicles that we bring in on a daily basis.  Standard Diesel is very trustworthy and well respected in our area. Standard’s business areas and shop have always been exceptionally clean and respectfully taken care of. I highly recommend Standard Diesel for all your diesel and gas service.

William Cornell, Curtis and Sons Construction

We have 4 Diesel dully’s 3 dodges 2000, 2001 and 2002 also a 2003 Chevy. We have been taking our vehicles to Standard Diesel for about 4 years. We high recommend Standard Diesel, the timely service is great, the knowledge is impeccable and if it is at all possible to save you money, the option will be discussed with you. We recommend Standard Diesel for many reasons but by far, knowledge, honest and reasonably priced!

Russell and Renee Funk – Running R Arena